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The Private Equity Careers Centre, PEC provides financial modelling courses, Career counselling, workshops, interview practice for professionals pursuing a career in private equity

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We've created an online support community where you can post a question to our team of experienced recruitment consultants and get help and advice from us as well as other industry professionals. Visit to see what other people have asked and to post your own questions.

About PEC

The Private Equity Careers Centre, PEC, provides essential training tools for bankers, consultants, accountants and MBA students who are looking to pursue a career in private equity.

A career in private equity is popular and rewarding, as a result the competition for each available position is continually on the increase, therefore it is important to have the understanding of how the industry works.

PEC was created by Private Equity Recruitment, PER, who as leaders in recruitment for the private equity industry understand the need for insightful training materials for candidates who wish to break into the industry.

Our training materials are written by private equity professionals who are also experienced recruiters and will give you a practical insight into the world of private equity as well as help you sharpen your skills to get that interview and that job in private equity.


LBO Financial Modelling Training Course
Format: Video & Excel model
LBO Financial Modelling Training - Private Equity RecruitmentThis course will allow you to build a full LBO model from scratch, using our unique step-by-step excel model, in the same way that a private equity professional would do on the job.
You will also get 6 months access to support from an experienced financial modeller.


Private Equity Workshops
Format: Interactive early morning workshop
Private Equity WorkshopWe run early morning interactive workshops for a limited number of people on how to get a job in private equity.
At the end of each workshop you will have a personalised Q&A session as well as feedback on your background and career prospects.


Mock Private Equity Interview
Format: Interactive meetingMock Private Equity Interview
Can you really afford to risk getting it wrong in a private equity interview? Practice your private equity interview techniques and see yourself in action in our video-taped mock interview.

Career Counselling and Psychometric profiling
Format: Interactive meetingPrivate_Equity_Career_Counselling_Gail_McManus
Finding it tough to secure a role in private equity? Get your career and job search on the right track and gain insights into your natural work style, how it is likely to impact on your job performance and your role within teams.

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